If you’re overweight and struggling to get into shape, booking a weight loss retreat can be a truly
life changing experience for you.

Here at Bali Weight Loss we specialise in helping our guests lose weight fast and safely, while nurturing habits so that you can stay slim and healthy for life.

As a doctor designed and run program, our methods are unique in as far as they root out the underlying cause of your weight gain and retention. Allowing us to provide you with the answer to your weight problem and create a personalised program to permanently reverse it.

If you’ve noticed you put on weight faster than other people around you, or have experienced your weight yo-yoing back and forth, this will be solved when you meet with our weight loss specialist, Dr. Liana.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Liana has spent over 30 years meticulously connecting the dots between Western and Eastern medicine. Through her practice she has developed a system which works so well we realised we needed to help support her mission.

Welcome to our vision in action, Bali Weight Loss is located in Ubud and provides a doctor’s program for losing weight, detoxing and learning to live the life you want.


The weight loss retreat is the combined effort of people who care about the impact this has on people’s lives, and our commitment to proper weight loss management and guidance.

We realised to help the most people, setting up the program as a retreat in Bali allowed our vision to become a reality.

Now we are happy to announce our new retreat program from the heart of Ubud in Bali.

We have put it all together for you in an easy package holiday, inclusive of,

  • Personal one on one time with our weight loss & nutrition specialist. Here you’ll find out why your body is gaining and retaining weight and exactly how to cause your body to burn it off. This allows for smooth success without hitting “plateaus” or other bumps in the road toward your ideal body.
  • Full detoxification of your internal organs and workings of your body, allowing for the cleansing to clear a way for you to more easily lose weight on your program.
  • Movement classes aimed at giving your body the activity it needs without tiring you out or in fact halting progress through overtraining. We’ve seen people working themselves into an early grave by overexercising after having been inactive for so long.
  • Regular meetings with our medical doctor and members of our team to ensure that you are on track, losing weight and feeling happy and healthy.

Reinvent yourself and become the New You, forget about old habits, Transform.

  • To ensure your body is well rested each day and you are feeling at your best, we have a full range of massages and body work that will keep you feeling great. Everything from hot stone massage treatments, to body wrapping, organic facials, lymphatic massages, reflexology, and ancient Balinese massages and treatments.
  • Delicious raw and vegan food as part of your program to lose weight and become fitter and healthier. What’s more you’ll also learn how you can create simple and delicious food from home at our cooking classes.
  • Lots of other fun activities like sunrise walks, cultural experiences, trips around Ubud, ceremonies and all kinds of exciting things to do.
  • And while enjoying your weight loss retreat you will do so in style staying in our luxury resort accommodations. Relax near the swimming pool, or enjoy the blissful grounds as you detox and get into shape.

Start today by taking the first step toward making your vision for yourself and your life, Reality.

So if you feel ready to start losing weight, select the program you would like and let us help you.

Start now by clicking the program you are interested in.

Weight Loss Fast-Start
3 days
your fast-start to weight loss success
Everything you need to get started losing weight fast
Sunrise Weight Loss
7 days
well on your way to the new you
Full weeklong program with good weight loss results
Life Changing Weight Loss
14 days
your life changing weight loss results
Program to maximise weight loss for life changing results
Weight Loss Transformation
21 days
your complete weight loss transformation
Full length program designed to transform your body

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Wherever your may be on your weight loss journey, whether you’re just starting out and want a fast-start or if you’re ready for a full weight loss transformation, we are setup to help you!

If you’re not sure which program is best suited to your current situation, that’s absolutely fine we understand. All you have to do is contact us here and tell us about where you’re at and we’re happy to help you.

Over the years we have realised that losing weight and getting into fit healthy shape is about more than just exercising and cutting calories. While exercise and nutrition are of course essential, you will be amazed at the difference when you are eating the right food for you and at the right activity level for your body.

At Bali Weight Loss we are committed to helping you shake off your excess weight and transforming your mind and body. That’s why all our programs give you what you need to reach your goals successfully.