Escape the stress. Drop the weight. Become the New You

Now you can escape the stresses of everyday life and drop your weight in a safe and nurturing environment.

You don’t need to be a fitness nut to get in your best shape.

By using a combination of detoxifications, movement classes, rejuvenating massages and spa treatments, you’ll lose weight and look better than you can ever imagine.

In fact, it’s amazing how quickly your body can shed fat and flab when you’re on a detox program designed specifically for weight loss and slimming.

What’s more, because we have made our retreats affordable you can now enjoy a complete detoxification and weight-loss holiday at a luxury destination… without breaking the bank.

So, if you’ve been struggling to lose weight at home, then why not increase your weight-loss success by joining our detoxification for weight-loss retreats.

All you have to do is commit to your weight-loss goals, then go ahead and contact us now, and we’ll give you the best weight-loss results you can expect.

“Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and take charge of their lives, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!”


Forget the past. Re-start your life. Detox to lose weight.

It’s time to forget about the past and habits that no longer serve you. Re-start your life and become the best version of yourself.

When you book a holiday with us in Bali you get the complete package from start to finish. We’ve organized everything for you so you can simply focus on enjoying your retreat and let us handle all the planning.

As soon as you have confirmed your booking you receive the ‘Get Ready’ Program sheets that show you how to prepare to make the most of your detoxification and weight-loss holiday.

Then a week before you arrive you get your ‘Pre-Cleanse’ information so you can prepare your body for the Deep Cleansing at our retreat.

When you arrive at the Bali airport we are there to meet you so you can avoid any hassle and quickly be whisked away to our calming sanctuary in the blissful hills of Ubud.

Upon arrival you are welcomed into our sanctuary at our luxury resort where you will begin what we hope will be a life-changing journey for you as you detox and lose weight.

Everyone is here for the exact same reason you are, that’s why we let go of our egos and help each other achieve the best results on the program. Come and join us to lose as much weight as you can alongside like-minded people just like you!

“Enjoy the ‘Back to Nature’ Cleanse working for you—cleansing, cleaning and clearing out the muck, making way for smooth weight-loss results!”

Here at Bali Weight Loss we run our unique ‘Back to Nature’ detoxification program designed specifically for your maximum weight loss results. What’s more, because our programs incorporate our powerful detoxifications for your vital organs, along with delicious wholesome fruits and vegetables, movement classes, healing massages and body therapies… get ready for a complete body re-set and lot’s of pampering!

And remember, —it’s a holiday too! So take in the sights, experience the incredible Balinese culture and have fun on our beach trips!

Here’s a closer look at what we are offering.

  • ‘Back to Nature’ detoxifications for flushing your vital organs, purifying your blood, eliminating parasites, re-balancing your intestinal tract, and restoring and revitalising your body. These cleansers will arm you blood with bacteria-blasting herbs and parasite-reducing formulations straight from Nature’s kitchen. Your intestinal flow will improve and the digestive flora restored and strengthened.
  • Remove heavy metal pollution from your body and learn how to keep your body clean, clear and cleansed even if you do eat fish and other heavy metal laden-foods.
  • Body Movement Classes comprising of beginner Yoga-sessions and fun Fitness classes as well as morning walks and stretching and weight loss exercises. These movement classes will help you relax, recharge and rebuild flexibility and balance while you lose weight naturally.
  • Walk along a cascade of jade-green rice field terraces, spy on native birds singing and learn about the Balinese culture and how it continues to thrive in the 21st Century.
  • Healthy shakes and Delicious Whole-Food Meals are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indulge in healthy whole-foods, delicious natural tropical juices, fruits, a variety of locally sourced leafy greens and root vegetables, all of which can be eaten raw, or lightly cooked, sprinkled with coconut flakes, nuts, and berries. To give our meals the extra oomph, we often infuse our salads with our own special dressing made from the juices of fresh fruits, extra virgin coconut or olive oil with a dash of our custom-blended spices.
  • We’re here to help you come home Back to Nature and experience what it can do for you. Learn how to eat from Nature and enjoy feasting on delicious healthy foods that truly feed your body and provide healthy natural energy.
  • Massages and Spa Treatments to sink you into deep relaxation. Enjoy a deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, ancient Balinese wellness massage or perhaps a holistic Spa treatment of your choice.
  • Explore Bali with it’s unique culture and one of a kind experiences from ceremonies to traditional dances, as well as our included Balinese sacred water blessing trips!

Switch to detoxification mode with our proprietary detoxification and weight-loss cleansing programs. We have a Cleanse for every vital organ to restore, rebuild and revitalise, paving your way to long-term and healthy weight loss.


Luxury retreat. Tranquil environment. One with Nature

Say goodbye to stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Come enjoy the best of what Bali has to offer.

As you step into our luxury retreat centre all you hear is the calming sounds of flowing water and peaceful singing birds in the trees.

You can forget about the stresses of work and life back home and focus wholeheartedly on your weight-loss goals.

You’ll find the setting completely one with Nature in the heart of Ubud, Bali, TripAdvisor’s (2017) #1 destination in the world!

Don’t hold back from reaching your ideal weight. Feel great, look great… it’s all here waiting for you, your once in a lifetime experience that can change your body (and your life!) forever.

Enjoy our luxury retreat, lose weight, detox and take back charge of your life in what we believe is the best weight loss retreat centre in the world.

“Join us and lose as much weight as you possibly can, detoxify and enjoy our luxury resort”


4* Resort. Fast WiFi. Everything you need for your stay.

We’re sure you’ll find our rooms to your liking and in a four-star resort you can be sure that there is everything you need for a comfortable stay.

  • Fast WiFi

  • Air Conditioned

  • Airport Pickup

  • Entertainment

  • Raw Detox

  • Great Service

We have a selection of different rooms to choose from, ranging from budget to luxury private villas. Our accommodation is onsite so you can enjoy the swimming pool and all our amenities while you achieve your health and wellness goals with us.

What’s more, if you would like cheaper options, we are partnered with many budget hotels very close to the Bali Weight Loss retreat centre and we can guarantee the best price for you.

“Luxury weight loss resort, first-rate detox program, all at affordable prices, —you can’t beat Bali Weight Loss!”

So what are you waiting for? Start today by taking the first step
toward your new future right now…

Everything is included for you so once you book your program and accommodation with us, you literally don’t need to spend another penny more for your entire detoxification and weight-loss vacation.

Select the length of program you’re interested in and click “Start”

Weight Loss Fast-Start
3 days
your fast-start to weight loss success
Everything you need to get started losing weight fast
Sunrise Weight Loss
7 days
well on your way to the new you
Full weeklong program with good weight loss results
Life Changing Weight Loss
14 days
your life changing weight loss results
Program to maximise weight loss for life changing results
Weight Loss Transformation
21 days
your complete weight loss transformation
Full length program designed to transform your body

Wherever you may be on your weight-loss journey, whether you’re just starting out and want a fast-start or if you’re ready for a full transformation, we can make it happen for you!

If you’re not sure which program is best suited to your current situation, that’s absolutely fine, we understand. All you have to do is contact us here and tell us about where you’re at and we’re happy to help you.

We have created a sanctuary in a luxury resort where you are free from your routine stresses and worries. We will support you in making a change toward the very best version of yourself, a version that inspires powerful transformations for yourself and others around you. We want to be your life-long partner in health and wellness. Let us help you begin your health and wellness journey by taking a vacation with us.

“We inspire ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. Join us and become the best you can be!”