Sophie Jones


Sophie Jones is an experienced retreat leader who has planned, organized and held over 40 separate retreats in Costa Rica. She now is exclusively in Bali, Indonesia where she is set to lead dozens of retreats over the next two years.

As a Nutritionist Sophie Jones is specialized and certified to speak on, teach and deliver a number of trainings, retreats and workshops related to nutrition, weight loss and healthy living.

She also specializes in detoxification and the restoring of gut health allowing her clients to be healthy both inside, and out.

Sophie is highly focused on delivering scientifically researched and backed up information in her retreats. She diligently researches all the tools and strategies from her plant-based nutrition approach, to intermittent fasting, mindfulness and more.

You can find some of her draft papers on Academia where she publishes much of her initial findings in preparation for her retreats. She also holds a profile on ORCID where she likewise publishes findings as well as reaches out to other respected experts in her field, researches and enthusiasts to compare notes and arrive at valid conclusions.

This data-driven and very scientific approach to health and weight loss has always earned her reputation among her peers and adoration by her retreat guests.

You can also find Sophie Jones on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.