Katrina Love Senn; author, retreat leader, weight loss coach, healer, and most importantly, someone who truly thrives from seeing others succeed as she has. Katrina lost over 60 pounds of fat, while healing a number of chronic health conditions from depression and fatigue to eczema and asthma.

Now she’s here to help YOU transform your life through her philosophy that ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey’.

Katrina Love Senn is known as a true expert in the world of natural and healthy weight loss, and as a published author, and writer for a number of publications including Natural Health magazine, she has spread her message globally.

Katrina Love Senn’s new ‘Weight Loss Healing Journey’ retreats started in Bali from the 1st of October, 2018. While most of the places are now fully booked for the beginning of October, there are more available later in the month of October and early November. Expect lots more reviews once guests have been through the program in Bali!

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