Optimising Hormones


The importance of hormones in the body when it comes to weight management can’t be understated. In fact it’s by optimising your natural hormones like growth hormone and leptin, increasing insulin sensitivity that are the drivers behind natural weight management


  • Cristo Sav

    I am coming to bali from 9-12nov. Would you have programs i could attend please? I am 41 yrs old, figuring out body balanxe with hoemones and weight loss. I would be interested in hearing what i couls learn/experience.

  • Bali Weight Loss team

    @Christo absolutely, we have sent you the information you requested and are looking forward to hearing from you.

    The best way to reach us is through our Contact Us page: https://www.baliweightloss.com/contact-us

    Thanks and have a great day,


  • Jonathon

    wow retreats look really great I learned recently how important it is to ensure that our hormones in our body are functioning correctly and also how it is possible to use specific foods to create responses in the body which are more conducive to weight loss. it’s amazing how cinnamon reduces insulin resistance for one example!