Juice Cleanse


For those who would like to go full ‘Juice Cleanse’ this is an option available for your program.

Juice cleansing is an effective way to fast without going to extremes. Juices provide the body with absorbable nutrients it needs during the fast with enough calories to fuel the detox process.

A Juice cleanse gives your elimination system a chance to rest and recuperate from overworking. The liver and kidneys when given a rest will generally function better, and the body will use less energy trying to digest food it normally digests.

Juice cleansing has many benefits, including a general sense of feeling better to alleviating specific health conditions, and can be safely practised for up to a month under guided conditions.


  • Judy

    when do you do your juice cleanse retreats? Thanks Judy

  • Bali Weight Loss team

    Hi Judy we do Raw Food Detox and Juice Cleanse retreats on an ongoing basis. Feel free to contact our support team directly and they’ll get right back to you: https://www.baliweightloss.com/contact-us

    The way it works is you book a Weight Loss Healing Journey program which starts with an introductory with Katrina Love Senn author of the ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey’ book and then start your Detox Program along with like-minded people. Everyone is here to lose weight, detox and re-start their life in a happy and healthy way. It’s really great!