How Would You Like to Work in Bali?


Bali Weight Loss is officially beginning the process of accepting CV resumes from people interested in coming to work at our upcoming retreat in Bali.

We are currently looking for a number of different positions to fill, especially those relating to the delivering of our weight loss program.

Yoga teachers are at the top of our list and we will be hiring two to start with to hold classes daily and also be part of the program, helping guests, answering questions and the like.

We will also be hiring fitness instructors and would be especially interested in those who have experience of fitness training specifically for burning calories and losing weight.

In addition we will be hiring a health food chef and an assistant so if you have experience with cooking and preparing health food, vegetarian and vegan dishes and or raw food, then that is a good match for this position.

Besides these three key roles that we are initially looking to receive resumes for, we also have management positions including front office manager, assistant front office, and the position for COO, Chief Operations Officer who will be responsible for running the daily operations of the retreat.

Please send resumes to:

Why Come to Work in Bali?

Bali is an amazing island full of ancient temples, beautiful beaches and a lot of of fun in the sun! As part of working at Bali Weight Loss you’ll enjoy the time you’re involved in running the retreat as well as of course have free time to explore, relax and rejuvenate in paradise.


  • Kelly

    Sounds great, I’ve sent you an email!

    11:22 am December 9, 2016
    • Sophie

      Hi Kelly thanks for emailing I have now replied, thanks again and looking forward.

      2:52 am December 10, 2016
  • Ashley

    I have experience with teaching Yoga classes in Thailand and would be interested in hearing more about the proposed yoga positions you have available. Does it include room and board?

    11:48 am December 9, 2016
    • Sophie

      Yes we will make arrangements for room and board as well as include your meals too. Have you emailed? Because I haven’t seemed to have received anything from you. Thanks.

      2:53 am December 10, 2016
  • Jenny Parish

    Hi Sophie we met in Costa Rica how have you been? I followed your posting and am perhaps interested in coming to Bali next month, would we be able to meet and discuss the positions at your retreat?

    Jenny xx

    12:37 am December 10, 2016
    • Sophie

      Hi Jenny!! Yes absolutely, check your email

      2:53 am December 10, 2016
  • Vicky

    We’re a couple who have been wanting to stay in Bali longer term we’ve been doing yoga classes at retreats in the summer yet would love to stay the year, sent you an email!

    11:22 am December 10, 2016
  • Helen

    I would like to come and work in Bali, I’ve contacted from me

    12:26 pm December 16, 2016
  • Sharon

    Thanks for all your help Sophie this sounds like a really great opportunity, I love Bali also!

    1:11 pm December 18, 2016
    • Sophie

      Thanks Sharon!

      1:30 am December 19, 2016
  • Sophie

    Thank you for everyone who contacted, I only had a chance to email back and forth with a few of you — promise to get back to everyone!

    Currently going through the applications and also getting things ready for our retreats in Bali.

    Thanks and will get back as soon as possible!

    Sophie Jones

    7:36 am December 19, 2016
  • Jes

    Sorry I’m late seeing this, I’m a Yoga teacher currently in Bali, I’ve sent you an email

    4:50 am December 20, 2016
  • Oksana

    Hi , just so you information ) that you looking for some teachers for yoga In Bali., i am a Hot yoga teacher ,Hatha yoga ,Fitness instructor,Sport rehabilitólog .
    If you will need some more yoga teachers in February, March, April,i will be glad.
    Best Regards.
    Oksana .
    Will send you my SV , just in case)

    7:16 pm January 1, 2017
    • Sophie Jones

      Hi Oksana, thank you, I’ve sent you an email.

      Sophie Jones

      1:35 am January 2, 2017