Heal Emotional Eating


Katrina Love Senn wrote the book ‘Heal Emotional Eating for Good’ and is here in Bali to show you how to end the cycle and continue on with healthy habits that help build and restore your mind and body.

Emotional or stress eating is triggered when we are unhappy, anxious or feel bad about ourselves.

Eating to satisfy an emotional response does not end when you are physically satisfied. Dieting does not help as it is usually advisory on health and food choices.

Ending emotional eating is never easy. We have to do a lot of work on ourselves to understand our feelings, which isn’t easy.

Going away for a wellness and detoxification retreat can provide you with time and space to recognise why you stress-eat. While it may not result in a closure of emotional issues, it can be the first step toward ending emotional eating.


  • kim Janor

    Im having a look at your website Im a little confused as so much to read
    I only have three 3 days spare what can you offer in that short time
    Interested weightloss/healing/help etc

    I require pick up or drop off to airport in November not sure dates

  • Bali Weight Loss team

    Hi Kim, we just replied to your email and have set out a package for you for the 3-Day Program in November for weight loss, detox and healing.

    We’re always here and ready to help, simply contact us: https://www.baliweightloss.com/contact-us

    And we’ll get right back to you!