ARMA Bali Resort


The Bali Weight Loss Retreats are held at the ‘Agung Rai Museum of Art’ (ARMA) Resort and Spa. ARMA is set in a tranquil garden with elegant bridges and rice paddy terraces. The estate is set on different levels, giving the entire resort a different perspective from different angles.

ARMA is quintessentially the old Bali you have come for. It has tradition, culture, the famous Balinese hospitality and a sense of spirituality that modern day resorts lack. At ARMA, you will feel one and all with nature, with gentle flowing waters and bird chirping away in the many trees within the estate.

Swimming Pools


Yes, there are 2 swimming pools for your absolute enjoyment.

The new wing has a brand new pool where you can relax and enjoy the sparkling water, or if you prefer a pool where the trees are grown and the surrounding have worn in beautifully over the years, the main pool with its poolside bar is yours too!

Whichever one you choose to spend your free time idling, exercising or simply chilling, you can be sure the environment accords with nature.

See for yourself!

And if you’d like a fully private experience, then why not book a private pool villa?Wwith your very own swimming pool just for you and whoever else is invited to join.