Cultural Dances


Ubud cultural dance performances have become synonymous with Bali. While some dances are meant to please the Gods during religious rites, performances like the Legong Dance are a treat for visitors to Ubud. These dances often depict tales from Hindu folklore like the Mahabarata and Ramayana. Balinese dances are as spectacular as they are captivating, co-ordinating eye, hands and feet in a series of quick movements. Dancers sparkle in elaborate gold embroidered costumes and head dresses, accompanies by the Gamelan and other percussive instruments that are quintessentially Balinese.

ARMA Art Museum


One of the most famous of Ubud’s art museums is right at your resort ! This museum is an homage to Balinese Artists.

Founded by Agung Rai, the owner of your resort, the museum houses Balinese Arts, many of which have been purchased back by Agung Rai from far and wide, to preserve Balinese culture and art.

There are cultural performances and learning activities for school children of Bali where they learn and deepen the knowledge of their history and culture.

There are many stunning examples of Balinese work from which one can learn much about this unique culture.

Crazy-Fun Evenings


On occasions Ubud comes alive with unique-to-Bali ceremonies and events that will surely take your breath away! And don’t forget the annual Bali Spirit Festival, now in its 11th year, and also the Bali Jazz Festival held at your very resort on 11 and 12 of August this year.

There are many more traditional and international festivals for you to enjoy and which will beckon you back this way again soon.